Wifi tribulations

Over the weekend I spoke to my new manager, who very graciously allowed me to begin working on Tuesday instead of today so that I could stay home to let in the wifi technician. I was woken by my alarm, and the technician arrived at 8:30.

It wasn’t a good experience. He came in and bumped around the place, unscrewed a socket on the wall and then left declaring on his way out that as the building wasn’t set up for fibreoptic broadband he couldn’t do anything and I should try copper wiring instead.

After fuming for a little while, and following some fatherly advice, I called Go customer service and explained the situation, stressing the importance that it was dealt with today. I spoke to an enormously helpful man named David who listened attentively and then proceeded to do exactly as I was asking, albeit after a few callbacks so that he could consult various departments. The result was a friendly guy arriving at the flat at around 3pm and fitting a socket that I could connect the modem (router) to. He then gave me a receipt and my customer number, so that I could take it to the Go shop in town for a free router.

Upon arrival at the Go shop I watched the sour-faced female attendant dispose of the customer ahead of me (who left the shop muttering “fucking useless”) and strutted up to the counter to ask for my modem. After some initial disbelief, a phone call to confirm and what I am sure was great disappointment, I was handed the router. Inside it, I was told, was a CD-ROM which would guide me through the setup procedure – lucky I’ve got a laptop with a CD drive then, I thought!

On the way back I grabbed a heater/fan from an independent ironmonger for €20 – the living room is nippy in the evenings and the tropical princess won’t like that! I also went to Miracle Foods and got some eclairs and prosciutto for tomorrow’s working lunch.

The wifi was pretty simple to wire up, and activated by another call to customer service. Finally online, I made a sausage, pepper and onion arrabiata pasta bake to celebrate and saw out the evening FaceTiming with Bee and preparing for tomorrow, which will be my first day of work since December 11th!

I can’t wait.


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