Get a Malta Social Security Number (SSN)

For best results, I recommend applying online:

Apply online for your Malta SSN here

Supporting Documents (full requirements here)


  • Passport photocopy (serves as photo ID and proof of right to work)
  • Work contract


  • Evidence of right to work, such as:
    • Marriage certificate and passport of EU spouse
    • Employment license from ETC
  • Maltese Residence Card

Have scans of supporting documents ready as you need to upload them into the application itself. Make sure the supporting documents are spot on, mine was returned because the contract wasn’t signed.

Usually if your application is returned you get an email with a link, which you click on to go back into the online form and fix it. I didn’t get this, so I called and was told just to make another application online if there’s no way to amend my existing one.

Two days after I made my second application, I received an email with an official PDF letter attached containing my Social Security Number.

Next stage: Get an ETC Certificate of Employment